Riverview guns in clinton maine

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Me and my wife went to riverview guna in clinton maine. We went inside and asked the owner if he had any highpoint firearms? He replied that only criminals buy those cheap guns especially young criminals which me and my wife r both 32 so then me and my wife left after being insulted by the owner and he made sure to pull his shirt a side to show me he was carrying a revolver. Me and my wife have been married for 10 years and have two kids attend church and have no criminal record my wife study law enforcement in collage

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There is no way that this could be true! Iv'e only known Adam Hendsbee for a short time,but have always treated with respect.

I'd say Jimmy Smith in Winslow is starting to feel the heat :cry

I guess that's what you get from the voted "worse gunstore in the U.S." by Northeast Shooters dot com


Starting May 1st, Riverview Guns in Clinton will be under new ownership. Please stop by and see the new owners

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